latch wait

  FROM v$latchname N , v$session_wait W
WHERE latch#=P2 and event = 'latch free'
FROM v$latch_children
WHERE latch# in (
select p2 from v$session_wait where event='latch free'
SELECT s.*,l.*
FROM v$latch l , v$session_wait w, v$session s
WHERE l.latch# = w.P2 and event='latch free' and s.SID=w.SID ;
select a.sid, a.username, a.program, a.status,,
           c.wait_time, c.state
    from   v$session a, v$latch b, v$session_wait c
    where  a.sid = c.sid
    and    c.p2 = b.latch#
    and    c.event = 'latch free'
    and like 'library%';

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