Running Queries

SELECT area.HASH_VALUE,s.server, s.SID, p.spid, p.username "Unix User",
       s.username "Oracle User",
       DECODE (s.terminal, NULL, p.terminal, s.terminal) terminal, s.machine,
       w.event waitevent, w.SECONDS_IN_WAIT wait_in_sec, sql_text SQL, s.row_wait_file#, s.row_wait_block#,
       SUBSTR (TO_CHAR (logon_time, 'yymmdd hh24:mi'), 1, 14) logtime,
       buffer_gets gets, disk_reads READS, executions execs, sorts sorts,
       p.latchwait, s.lockwait
  FROM v$process p, v$session s, v$sqlarea area, v$session_wait w
WHERE s.paddr = p.addr
   AND s.sql_address = area.address
   AND s.sql_hash_value = area.hash_value
   AND w.event NOT IN ('pipe get', 'PL/SQL lock timer')
   AND status = 'ACTIVE'
   AND s.SID = w.SID order by s.USERNAME,w.EVENT;

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