Always at hand, it should be…..

Server/OS Information

Server identification Representative Query
Host name where the instance is running select host_name
from v$instance;
Operating system platform select platform_name from v$database –-(10g)


File Information

Oracle file locations Representative Query
Control files select name
from v$controlfile;
Datafiles select file_name
from Dba_data_files;
Temp files select file_name
from Dba_temp_files;
Log files select member
from v$logfile;
Archived logs select name
from v$archived_log
Flash recovery area select name
from v$recovery_file_dest
Other points of access on the file system indicated by parameters select *
from v$parameter where value like ‘%/%’ or value like ‘%/%’;
Programmatic access to the file system select directory_path from dba_directories


Process Information

Processor/Processes Representative Query
Session Processes select p.spid, s.username, s.program from v$process p, v$session s where p.addr=s.paddr order by 2, 3, 1
Processes related to parallelism select slave_name, status
from v$PQ_SLAVE


Memory Information

Memory Representative Query
Program Global Area select * from V$PGASTAT
System Global Area select * from v$sga

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