Configure Recovery Catalog/Creating Recovery Catalog

/*Configure Recovery Catalog*/

Step:1 Using SQL*PLUS, connect as sys user
$ sqlplus / as sysdba

Step:2 Create tablespace and the schema for the Recovery Catalog owner

SQL> create tablespace anar_test
 datafile '/u02/oradata/datafiles/anar_test' size 300M;

Tablespace created.

SQL> create user rman identified by rman
 temporary tablespace temp
 default tablespace anar_test
 quota unlimited on anar_test;

User created.
Step:3 Grant required permissions to the user
SQL> grant recovery_catalog_owner to rman;

Grant succeeded.

SQL> exit;

/*Creating Recovery Catalog*/

$ rman

RMAN> connect catalog rman/rman@database_name

RMAN> create catalog;

recovery catalog created


Connecting to the newly created catalog

RMAN> connect target /

RMAN> connect catalog rman/rman@database_name

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