Temp tablespace — 100%

  • I  call this script and showed me: 100% USED , what is problem?
    select tsh.tablespace_name, sum(tsh.bytes_used+tsh.bytes_free)
     allocated_space,round(sum( tsh.bytes_used)*100/( sum(tsh.bytes_used+tsh.bytes_free)),2) "USED %"
     from V$TEMP_SPACE_HEADER tsh group by tsh.tablespace_name;


    Tablespace_Name   ALLOCATED_SPACE    USED %
    TEMP                23328718848        100
    • Temp tablespace if its really not used  100% which is ok . Oracle creates a sort segment and allocates extents to it whenever is required . Once sessions using sort segment disconnect oracle doesnt release extents but it marks extents as free . The free extents will be used by sessions who need temp space….


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