Oracle 11g adrci

Contain :
Problem : critical error in the database.
Incident : single occurrence of a problem. 
Problem Key : text string that includes an error code (ORA-%)
Incident Package : collection of data about incidents for one or more problems.
ADR Home : root directory for all diagnostic data—traces, dumps, alert log.
ADR Base : permit correlation of diagnostic data across multiple ADR homes.
How to Use for Show Errors , Alerts and Traces
adrci> show alert -tail -f
adrci> show problem
adrci> show incident
adrci> show incident -mode detail -p "incident_id="incident_id""
adrci> show trace "trace file name
create packages and zip files for oracle support:
It gather all the required information with a method called “Incident Packaging Service” (IPS):
adrci> ips create package problem 1 correlate all
adrci> ips generate package 1 in "/home/oracle"
Purging trace files automatically:
adrci> show tracefile -rt
adrci> show control
SHORTP_POLICY :Retention for ordinary trace files
LONGP_POLICY :Retention for like incident files
adrci> set control (SHORTP_POLICY = 360) ===>15days
adrci> set control (LONGP_POLICY = 2160) ===>90 Days
adrci> show control

Purging Trace files manually:
Following command will manually purge all tracefiles older than 2 days (2880 minutes):
adrci> purge -age 2880 -type trace
adrci> purge -age 129600 -type ALERT ===> purging ALERT older than 90 days 
adrci> purge -age 43200 -type INCIDENT ===> purging INCIDENT older than 30 days 
adrci> purge -age 43200 -type TRACE ===> purging TRACE older than 30 days 
adrci> purge -age 43200 -type CDUMP ===> purging CDUMP older than 30 days 
adrci> purge -age 43200 -type HM ===> purging HM older than 30 days 
adrci> show tracefile -rt

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