AWR Reports

AWR reports are available at the location $ORACLEHOME/rdbms/admin . Below is the list of important ones
awrrpt.sql    -- basic AWR report
awrsqrpt.sql  -- Standard SQL statement Report
awrddrpt.sql  -- Period diff on current instance
awrrpti.sql   -- Workload Repository Report Instance (RAC)
awrgrpt.sql   -- AWR Global Report (RAC)
awrgdrpt.sql  -- AWR Global Diff Report (RAC)
awrinfo.sql   -- Script to output general AWR information
awrblmig.sql  -- AWR Baseline Migrate
awrload.sql   -- AWR LOAD: load awr from dump file
awrextr.sql   -- AWR Extract
awrddinp.sql  -- Get inputs for diff report
awrddrpi.sql  -- Workload Repository Compare Periods Report
awrgdinp.sql  -- Get inputs for global diff reports
awrgdrpi.sql  -- Workload Repository Global Compare Periods Report
awrginp.sql   -- AWR Global Input
awrgrpti.sql  -- Workload Repository RAC (Global) Report
awrinpnm.sql  -- AWR INput NaMe
awrinput.sql  -- Get inputs for AWR report
awrsqrpi.sql  -- Workload Repository SQL Report Instance

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