Extract DB Time from Awr

select * from (
select begin_snap, end_snap, timestamp begin_timestamp,
 inst, a/1000000/60 DBtime from
 e.snap_id end_snap,
 lag(e.snap_id) over (order by e.snap_id) begin_snap,
 lag(s.end_interval_time) over (order by e.snap_id) timestamp,
 s.instance_number inst,
 nvl(value-lag(value) over (order by e.snap_id),0) a
from dba_hist_sys_time_model e, DBA_HIST_SNAPSHOT s
where s.snap_id = e.snap_id
 and e.instance_number = s.instance_number
 and to_char(e.instance_number) likenvl
 and stat_name             = 'DB time'
where  begin_snap between nvl('&begin_snap_id',0) 
and begin_snap=end_snap-1
order by dbtime desc
where rownum < 31

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