One can include the STAR_TRANSFORMATION hint. This requests that the optimizer select 
the lowest cost plan after transforming the query. Without this hint the optimizer may choose the 
lowest cost plan without first transforming the query. As mentioned, even if the query is 
transformed by means of this hint, the optimizer may still decide that it is more efficient to use 
an untransformed plan. But with this hint one can ensure that the transformed query is at least 
 b.office_name, t.time_id, SUM(f.number_shares) 
FROM transactions f, stocks s, brokerages b, time t 
WHERE f.stock_id = s.stock_id 
AND f.brokerage_id = b.brokerage_id 
AND f.time_id = t.time_id 
AND b.region = 'Central' 
AND t.season = 'Spring' 
AND s.industry = 'Banking' 
GROUP BY b.office_name, t.time_id;


  1. Vugar Bakhshiyev · · Reply

    Hani bitmap index-ler?

  2. Bir onceki meqalemde BITMAP INDEX’leri gostermishem.. Meqalenin linkinide paylasiram:

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