Moving Datafiles while the Instance is Mounted

  1. Shutdown the instance
  2. Use operating system commands to move or rename the files(s).
  3. Mount the database and use the ALTER DATABASE to rename the file within the database.
  4. Opening the Database


sqlplus "/ as sysdba"

SQL> shutdown immediate

SQL> !mv /u05/app/oradata/ORA920/indx01.dbf /u06/app/oradata/ORA920/indx01.dbf

SQL> startup mount

SQL> alter database rename file '/u05/app/oradata/ORA920/indx01.dbf' to '/u06/app/oradata/ORA920/indx01.dbf';

    Do not disconnect after this step. Stay logged in 
    and proceed to open the database!

SQL> alter database open;

SQL> exit


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