How to Start VNC Manually in Solarius 11.1

  1. Become superuser or assume the root role.
  2. Start the VNC server.
    # /usr/bin/vncserver
  3. Enter the VNC server password.
        New 'myhost:2 ()' desktop is myhost:2
        Creating default startup script /home/user1/.vnc/xstartup
        Starting applications specified in /home/user1/.vnc/xstartup
        Log file is /home/user1/.vnc/myhost:2.log
  4. From another machine, run the vncviewer command with the address reported by the vncserver command.
    # vncviewer hostname:portnumber
    For example:
    # vncviewer myhost:2
  5. Type the password you provided to the vncserver script.
    Verify that you see the login screen and can log in to a desktop session.

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