Exadata Flash Grid disk and configure as normal Flash

Remove or move database or any contents to some another ASM Disk group
Drop ASM disk group which was create on flash disk
Drop all the flash grid disk
CellCLI> drop griddisk all prefix=flashdisk force
GridDisk FlashDisk_FD_00_exa1cel01 successfully dropped
GridDisk FlashDisk_FD_01_exa1cel01 successfully dropped
GridDisk FlashDisk_FD_02_exa1cel01 successfully dropped
GridDisk FlashDisk_FD_03_exa1cel01 successfully dropped
GridDisk FlashDisk_FD_04_exa1cel01 successfully dropped
GridDisk FlashDisk_FD_05_exa1cel01 successfully dropped
GridDisk FlashDisk_FD_06_exa1cel01 successfully dropped
GridDisk FlashDisk_FD_07_exa1cel01 successfully dropped
Flush the flashcache
CellCLI> alter flashcache all flush
Flash cache exa1cel01_FLASHCACHE altered successfully
Drop flashcache
CellCLI> drop flashcache all
Flash cache exa1cel01_FLASHCACHE successfully dropped
Create flashcache
CellCLI> create flashcache all
Flash cache exa1cel01_FLASHCACHE successfully created
Check flash cache disk
CellCLI> list griddisk attributes diskType, name where diskType=FlashDisk
After dropping Flash grid disk above command will not give any candidate flash grid disk.

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