Daily Archives: April 8, 2015

Oracle Remote Diagnostics Agent (RDA) utility

Oracle Remote Diagnostics Agent (RDA) is used primarily by Oracle Support. I’ve found that this information is very useful and have used to debug issues in my environment. It is a useful utility to me for particular situations. You can download it from MetaLink – Doc ID: 314422.1 Connection to Database: Open command prompt.  set ORACLE_SID=DB oracle@mdlinux […]

ORA-00494: enqueue [CF] held for too long (more than 900 seconds)

Problem: Today morning one of our development instance crashed due to following error found in alert log file. Contents of alert log file: ORA-00494: enqueue [CF] held for too long (more than 900 seconds) by ‘inst 1, osid 17923’ Incident details in: /u01/app/oracle/diag/rdbms/ANARDB/ANARDB/incident/incdir_66057/ANARDB_ora_17926_i66057.trc Wed Apr 08 10:44:23 2015 Killing enqueue blocker (pid=17923) on resource CF-00000000-00000000 […]