How to run an ILOM Snapshot on a Sun/Oracle X86 System for manual

1. Log in to the ILOM CLI interface.
# ssh
2. You will see a similar output:
Sun(TM) Integrated Lights Out Manager
Copyright 2007 Sun Microsystems, Inc. All rights reserved.
Use is subject to license terms.
3. After the '->' prompt, type the command in below:
-> set /SP/diag/snapshot dataset=normal
Set 'dataset' to 'normal'
4. Type the following command:
-> set /SP/diag/snapshot dump_uri=sftp://user:<password>@<ip address of host>/<directory>
-> set /SP/diag/snapshot dump_uri=sftp://root:password@172.30.x.x/temp
5. Next cd to the snapshot directory and view the status:
-> cd /SP/diag/snapshot
-> show
* Verify that the status shown under properties is 'Running':
dataset = normal
dump_uri = (Cannot show property)
encrypt_output = false
** result = Running **

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