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Exadata Software is Released

Find details in the MOS doc: Exadata release and patch (20131726) (Doc ID 2038073.1) Highlights Oracle Exadata Database Machine X5-8 Support New Exadata X5-8 Database Server Exadata X5-8 updates the 8-socket database server to use the latest and fastest Intel Xeon E7-8895 v3 “Haswell-EX” processors with 18 cores (vs. 15 cores in X4-8) for 20% greater performance. […]

Migrating Oracle Database to Automatic Storage management (ASM)

Disable Block change tracking: bash-3.2$ sqlplus “/ as sysdba”; SQL*Plus: Release Production on Thu Sep 17 09:52:13 2015 Copyright (c) 1982, 2011, Oracle. All rights reserved. Connected to: Oracle Database 11g Enterprise Edition Release – 64bit Production With the Partitioning, Real Application Clusters, Automatic Storage Management, Oracle Label Security, Oracle Database Vault and […]

Event : TCP Socket (KGAS)

You have seen waits for ‘TCP Socket (KGAS)’ waits in OEM Grid (or DBConsole) in the ASH (from v$active_session_history) etc. and want to know if this is something to be concerned about. TCP Socket (KGAS) A session is waiting for an external host to provide requested data over a network socket. The time that this […]

How to find (Long) Running (active/hung) Transactions in Oracle database?

select t.start_time, s.sid,s.serial#,s.username,s.status,s.schemaname, s.osuser,s.process,s.machine,s.terminal,s.program,s.module,s.type, to_char(s.logon_time,’DD/MON/YY HH24:MI:SS’) logon_time from v$transaction t, v$session s where s.saddr = t.ses_addr and s. status = ‘ACTIVE’ order by start_time

Oracle ASR Logfile Location

#/var/opt/SUNWsasm/log #/var/opt/SUNWsasm/log/auditlog By Wayne Seltzer : More information :

ASREXACHK Utility to Exadata

ASREXACHECK is the utility which is used to make sure that Exadata machine is communicating with ASR manager. Installation Step 1 Download the file from MOS ID – 1450112.1 Step 2 Copy it to all compute nodes on Exadata and copied it to /opt/oracle.SupportTools Step 3 Change the permission #chmod 755 /opt/oracle.SupportTools/asrexachk Step 4 [root@anarexa […]