The new ORAchk release is now available

ORAchk replaces the popular RACcheck tool, extending the coverage based on prioritization of top issues reported by users, to proactively scan for known problems within the area of:
+Oracle Database
+Enterprise Manager Cloud Control (12c only)
+E-Business Suite
+Oracle Hardware Systems
+Oracle Identity and Access Management
+Oracle Siebel
+Oracle PeopleSoft
ORAchk features:
Proactively scans for the most impactful problems across the various layers of your stack
Simplifies and streamlines how to investigate and analyze which known issues present a risk to you
Lightweight tool that runs within your environment without requiring config data to be sent to Oracle
High level reports show your system health risks with the ability to drill down into specific problems and understand their resolutions
Can be configured to send email notifications when it detects problems
Collection Manager, a companion Application Express web app, provides a single dashboard view of collections across your entire enterprise
ORAchk will expand in the future with more high impact checks in existing and additional product areas. If you have particular checks or product areas you would like to see covered, please post suggestions in the ORAchk subspace in My Oracle Support Community.


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