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Exadata default passwords

Database Server root/welcome1 oracle/welcome1 grid/welcome1 grub/sos1Exadata Database server ILOMs root/welcome1 Exadata Storage Cell Server root/welcome1 celladmin/welcome1 cellmonitor/welcome1 Exadata Storage Cell Server ILOMs root/welcome1 InfiniBand switches root/welcome1 nm2user/changeme InfiniBand ILOMs ilom-admin/ilom-admin ilom-operator/ilom-operator Ethernet switches admin/welcome1 Power distribution units (PDUs) admin/welcome1 root/welcome1 Keyboard, video, mouse (KVM) if available admin/welcome1 Advertisements

How can update Java tzdate2016c

bash-3.2$ cd /data/ bash-3.2$ ls Baku.solaris Java_Timezone arch anardb.ctl anardb.yed cd control datafile initANARDB.ora lost+found orapwANARDB1 patch stnd.ctl trace bash-3.2$ bash-3.2$ ls -la total 17902902 drwxr-xr-x 10 oracle oinstall 512 Mar 24 19:14 . dr-xr-xr-x 35 root bin 1024 Jul 8 2015 .. -rw-r–r– 1 root root 512 Mar 21 17:19 Baku.solaris drwxr-xr-x 4 root […]

Exadata ILOM – How to Disable Daylight Savings Time (DST) (

Oracle(R) Integrated Lights Out Manager Version r86441 Copyright (c) 2014, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. -> start /SP/console Are you sure you want to start /SP/console (y/n)? y Serial console started. To stop, type ESC ( [root@bakuexa1celadm01 ~]# [root@bakuexa1celadm01 ~]# uname -a Linux bakuexa1celadm01.kfsaz.local 2.6.39-400.128.17.el5uek #1 SMP Tue May 27 13:20:24 PDT […]

User Creation and Remove commands in solaris 10

Creating User Accounts To create a user account: # useradd -u 100 -g other -d /export/home/newuser1 -m -s /bin/ksh -c “Regular User Account” newuser1 # passwd newuser1 # /usr/sadm/bin/smuser add — -n newuser2 -u 500 -g other -d /export/home/newuser2 -c “Regular User Account 2” -s /bin/ksh -x autohome=N # passwd newuser2 Modifying User Accounts To […]

Immediate Kill Session#: 1, Serial#: 3 Immediate Kill Session: sess: 6fa39d608 OS pid: 6419

I am pretty sure that many of us come across of situations when a killed session by ‘alter system kill session’ command did put the session in ‘KILLED’ status and never released the session for a long time on the database. It could be due to the fact that the session would be rolling back […]

How to grant “SELECT” privilege to v$session .

SQL> GRANT SELECT ON v$session TO scott; grant select on v$session to test * ERROR at line 1: ORA-02030: can only select from fixed tables/views SQL> SELECT owner, object_type FROM dba_objects WHERE object_name = ‘V$SESSION’; OWNER OBJECT_TYPE ———————— ——————- PUBLIC SYNONYM SQL> select table_owner, table_name FROM dba_synonyms where synonym_name = ‘V$SESSION’; TABLE_OWNER TABLE_NAME ————– —————————— […]

ORA-38500: USING CURRENT LOGFILE option not available without standby redo logs

bash-3.2$ sqll SQL*Plus: Release Production on Sun Feb 28 01:04:13 2016 Copyright (c) 1982, 2013, Oracle. All rights reserved. Connected to an idle instance. SQL> SQL> SQL> SQL> SQL> SQL> STARTUP NOMOUNT ORACLE instance started. Total System Global Area 2.0583E+10 bytes Fixed Size 2190488 bytes Variable Size 3087012712 bytes Database Buffers 1.7448E+10 bytes Redo […]

Warning: lost write detection is not enabled on the standby while it is enabled on the primary

Warning: lost write detection is not enabled on the standby while it is enabled on the primary The above error is caused because of the following parameter set to NONE in standby whereas it has been set to TYPICAL in primary database. So we have altered the below parameter to TYPICAL in standby and the […]


bash-3.00$ pwd /export/anar/oradata/ANARDB bash-3.00$ cp /export/anar/oradata/ANARDB/backup/control01.ctl . bash-3.00$ cp control01.ctl control02.ctl bash-3.00$ cp control01.ctl control03.ctl bash-3.00$ ls *.ctl control01.ctl control02.ctl control03.ctl bash-3.00$ rm *.dbf bash-3.00$ bash-3.00$ bash-3.00$ ls arch control01.ctl control02.ctl control03.ctl redo01.log redo02.log redo03.log backup bash-3.00$ rm *.ctl bash-3.00$ cp ./backup/*.dbf . bash-3.00$ cp /export/anar/oradata/ANARDB/backup/control01.ctl . bash-3.00$ cp control01.ctl control02.ctl bash-3.00$ cp control01.ctl control03.ctl […]


bash-3.00$ ls -lrt total 3720312 -rw-r—– 1 oracle oinstall 69214208 Nov 27 17:41 temp02.dbf -rw-r—– 1 oracle oinstall 10493952 Nov 27 17:41 ttstest.dbf -rw-r—– 1 oracle oinstall 52429312 Nov 27 17:45 redo02.log -rw-r—– 1 oracle oinstall 52429312 Nov 27 18:14 redo03.log drwxr-xr-x 2 oracle oinstall 1024 Nov 27 18:14 arch -rw-r—– 1 oracle oinstall 5251072 […]


SQL> show parameter control_file NAME TYPE VALUE ———————————— ———– —————————— control_files string /export/anar/oradata/ANARDB/control01.ctl, /export/anar/oradata/ANARDB/control02.ctl, /export/anar/oradata/ANARDB/control03.ctl SQL> shu abort ORACLE instance shut down. SQL> SQL> exit Disconnected from Oracle Database 10g Enterprise Edition Release – 64bit Production With the Partitioning, OLAP and Data Mining options bash-3.00$ ls arch control02.ctl cooldata01.dbf redo01.log redo03.log system01.dbf ttstest.dbf users01.dbf […]

Point-in-time recovery used by AVAMAR

Sqlplus “/ as sysdba”; Shut immediate startup nomount RMAN> @@ANARTEST-72.tmp 2> connect target *; 3> **end-of-file** 4> run { 5> allocate channel c0 type sbt PARMS=”SBT_LIBRARY=/opt/AVMRclnt/lib/” format ‘%d_%U’; 6> send channel ‘c0’ ‘”–libport=45603″ “–cacheprefix=ANARTEST_c0” “–sysdir=/opt/AVMRclnt/etc” “–bindir=/opt/AVMRclnt/bin” “–vardir=/opt/AVMRclnt/var/clientlogs” “–logfile=/opt/AVMRclnt/var/clientlogs/MOD-1455616226902-2002-OracleANARTEST-avtar.log0” “–ctlcallport=45201″‘; 7> set until scn 884703403597; 8> restore database; 9> recover database; 10> } 11> alter database […]

ORA-19930: file string has invalid checkpoint SCN string

In alert log: Tue Feb 16 11:51:02 2016 alter database mount Tue Feb 16 11:51:07 2016 Successful mount of redo thread 1, with mount id 958201638 Database mounted in Exclusive Mode Lost write protection disabled Completed: alter database mount Tue Feb 16 11:54:26 2016 Errors in file /u01/app/oracle/diag/rdbms/ANARTEST/ANARTEST/trace/ANARTEST_ora_10509.trc: ORA-19930: file /u01/app/oracle/fast_recovery_area/ANARTEST/control02.ctl has invalid checkpoint SCN […]

flashback restore points in oracle

To create a normal restore point, we require either one of the following privileges. SELECT ANY DICTIONARY FLASHBACK ANY TABLE For example: SQL> CREATE TABLE t (x,y,z) 2 ENABLE ROW MOVEMENT 3 AS 4 SELECT object_id 5 , object_name 6 , object_type 7 FROM all_objects 8 WHERE ROWNUM <= 5; Table created. SQL> SELECT * […]

Use Flashback Query

SQL> select text from dba_source where name=’ANAR_UPD_SALES’ order by line; TEXT ——————————————————————————– procedure ANAR_UPD_SALES as begin for i in 1..10000 loop update sales set amount_sold=amount_sold*1 where rownum<2; commit; end loop; end; 7 rows selected. SQL> drop procedure ANAR_UPD_SALES; Procedure dropped. SQL> connect / as sysdba Connected. SQL> select text from dba_source as of timestamp systimestamp […]

Duplicate PDB / Database 12c

Target CDB = ANAR_CDB12C1 Auxiliary CDB = ANAR_CDB12C3 PDB to duplicate = Only ANAR_PDB1 [bash-3.2$ ]$ rman target sys/<password>@ANAR_CDB12C1 auxiliary sys/<password>@ANAR_CDB12C3 Recovery Manager: Release – Production on Sat Jul 20 13:15:57 2016 Copyright (c) 1982, 2016, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. connected to target database: ANAR_CDB12C1 (DBID=2076797181) connected to auxiliary database: ANAR_CDB12C3 […]

Export Import / usuful command

Practical: D:\ORACLE_HOME\BIN> Impdp -help D:\ORACLE_HOME\BIN> Expdp -help Table Level: E:>EXPDP  system/oracle TABLES=anar.test1,anar.test2 DIRECTORY=DAILY_BK_DIR  DUMPFILE=test1_test2.dmp  LOGFILE=test1_test2.log E:>EXPDP  system/oracle TABLES=hr.test1 DIRECTORY=DAILY_BK_DIR  DUMPFILE=test1_backup_%date:~7,2%%date:~4,2%%date:~10,4%_%time:~0,2%%time:~3,2%%time:~6,2%.dmp  LOGFILE=test1_backup_logfile%date:~7,2%%date:~4,2%%date:~10,4%_%time:~0,2%%time:~3,2%%time:~6,2%.log Day     (DD) = %date:~7,2% Month (MM)=%date:~4,2% Year    (YY)=%date:~10,4% Hour   (HH)=%time:~0.2% Minutes(MM)=%time:~3,2% Seconds(SS)=%time:~6,2% E:>IMPDP  TABLES=anar.test1 DIRECTORY=DAILY_BK_DIR  DUMPFILE=test1_test2.DMP LOGFILE=imp_test1test2.log OR E:>IMPDP  schemas_name/password      DIRECTORY=DAILY_BK_DIR  DUMPFILE= test1_test2.DMP LOGFILE= imp_test1test2.log OR E:>IMPDP  FULL=Y           DIRECTORY=DAILY_BK_DIR  DUMPFILE=anar_test1.DMP LOGFILE=imp_test1test2.log Note: If the […]

RMAN-06172: no AUTOBACKUP found or specified handle is not a valid copy or piece

RMAN> restore controlfile from autobackup; Starting restore at 19-FEB-15 using channel ORA_DISK_1 channel ORA_DISK_1: looking for AUTOBACKUP on day: 20150219 channel ORA_DISK_1: looking for AUTOBACKUP on day: 20150218 channel ORA_DISK_1: looking for AUTOBACKUP on day: 20150217 channel ORA_DISK_1: looking for AUTOBACKUP on day: 20150216 channel ORA_DISK_1: looking for AUTOBACKUP on day: 20150215 channel ORA_DISK_1: looking […]

How can Restore SPFILE (on Windows)

C:\Documents and Settings\oracle>rman target / Recovery Manager: Release – Production on Sat Feb 18 00:02:33 2015 Copyright (c) 1982, 2009, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. connected to target database: PROD (DBID=183876134) RMAN> show all; using target database control file instead of recovery catalog RMAN configuration parameters for database with db_unique_name PROD are: […]

The new ORAchk release is now available

ORAchk replaces the popular RACcheck tool, extending the coverage based on prioritization of top issues reported by users, to proactively scan for known problems within the area of: +Oracle Database +Enterprise Manager Cloud Control (12c only) +E-Business Suite +Oracle Hardware Systems +Oracle Identity and Access Management +Oracle Siebel +Oracle PeopleSoft ORAchk features: Proactively scans for […]